Type of Sites We Care For

Gardencrafts extend its craftsmanship to a wide portfolio of ground types. Whether they are small or large, we take care of them with equal diligence and care. Here are some of the ground types that we pride ourselves in maintaining at its excellence.

  • Medical Facilities such as NHS Trust, Private Hospitals and Nursing homes

  • Educational institutions as Colleges, Universities, LEA schools and private schools

  • Hospitality and convention venues as Hotels, convention centers, Restaurants, Pubs

  • Commercial buildings as retail parks, office buildings etc

  • Any other site that needs exterior designing, crafting and maintenance

 NHS Trusts / Primary Care Trusts

When a patient walks into a hospital, the first thing they would notice is the upkeep of the grounds. This first impression is invaluable to patients, visitors and staff, giving them a sense of trust and reliability of the entire facility. As the premises of a workplace can speak volumes on the work culture of an organization it house, it is important to keep the surrounding premises of any hospital, clean, aesthetically appealing and well maintained. We have many years of experience maintaining hospital grounds with ongoing contracts to back our claim. We are fully aware of the importance of maintaining grounds with an emphasis on cleanliness and presentation. As a result, several of the grounds of Hospitals that are under our contracts have been rated highly by government inspectors.

 Private hospitals

For the private hospitals in the region, we are known best for our internal garden areas that lighten up their modern interiors. Our aim is to provide patients, visitors and staff alike, a comfortable green environment that is hygienic, safe and requires little maintenance. Our customers appreciate our endeavours and have established a lasting working relationship with us. Our expertise helps us to work with the clients to optimize their space while providing contact with nature and green life both inside and outside of the building.

 University / College Grounds

Higher education grounds are often extensive, offering multi-site facilities among which are large numbers are sports pitches. We provide a reliable maintenance service to the concerned grounds managers with the provision of C.R.B. checked staff. Even during examination periods we offer flexible and considerate on-site services such as quieter, less obtrusive machinery, (with compliance to the Noise at Work Regulations 1989) making us a clear favourite. Our sense of aesthetics is unparalleled when it comes to designing leisure areas for student recreation.

 Local Education Schools

Our wide-ranging expertise at maintaining school grounds has allowed us to anticipate the needs of students, sports coaches and staff. We recognize the significance of being flexible enough to work around school time and prepare the grounds in time for special sporting events. Maintaining utmost health and safety standards to safeguard students and staff in these facilities is at the top of our minds when we deal with schools and educational centres. We make certain all our staffs are CRB passed with provable documentation. Most local education authority schools are still being maintained by council gardeners and very often these contracts are quite long term, often saddling schools with poor value for money. Local authority workers are often poorly motivated and lack the professional expertise, qualifications and efficiency to cater to the demands. Gardencrafts offer prides in offering great value for money, and shorter, more fulfilling contracts that are implemented by a team of highly motivated workforce that spans from our CEO to the ground maintenance crew member.

 Private Schools

Private schools require high standards to cater for their students. This includes good sports areas and inviting infrastructure that makes their schooling experience worthwhile and enjoyable. Sports are often a very important part of the curriculum and these facilities require stringent maintenance to live out the wear and tear of demands of a large student body. We provide a very efficient and cost effective alternative to directly employed school gardeners. We always try to examine the exact requirements of each school, particularly with regard to their sports ground maintenance and pitch marking. We can provide an accurate timetable to ensure that the various yearly sports activities are uninterrupted and facilitated at convenient times on schedule for gaming events.

 Housing Associations

We have many decades of experience under our belt when it comes to maintaining Housing association sites, including Housing estates, multi-site contracts and sheltered housing schemes. We have maintained sites ranging from high end individual sheltered housing sites to large communal estates. We are well aware of the difficulties that housing association managers often face with these sites, and we provide excellent advice offering specific maintenance and the type of planting and safeguarding required to alleviate hazards and anti social problems before they occur.

 Retail Parks

Our experience extends to maintaining supermarket sites and retail Parks. At Gardencrafts, we are fully aware of the health and safety requirements of such high public exposure sites. Particulars include site lines on island beds and clearing pathways to ensure the sites remain in compliance with safety standards. Absolving the risks of claims and litigation against the site owners is a constant consideration when dealing with sites of this nature. Aesthetic appeal is critical for these venues where crafting and maintaining the shrubberies, lawns, flower beds and grass areas to a first-class standard is a priority. We aim to provide some mesmerizing green scenery at these sites for the shoppers and strollers alike, making them appreciate the atmosphere they shop in.

 Office / Commercial Sites

For many modern suburbia office developments, landscaping is an obligation since they are free from the confines of the city. Landscaping, while attractive and boasts of the company's opulence, is often very expensive to construct on site. We can work with landscape architects and facility managers to ensure that the maintenance of the grounds is to the correct standard that retains the effect that the landscape designers originally intended. Providing a pleasant working environment for staff, administration and visitors is extremely important to the quality and productiveness of the working day. With the creative touch from Garden crafts, we can create pleasant working environments that will be a sight to behold.


All hoteliers try to provide their guests with a serene and tranquil environment during their stay. Having beautiful garden space is an essential part of achieving this aim. With beautifully designed, well-maintained, gardens that integrate striped lawns, bedding schemes, flowering shrubs, and attractive backgrounds for potential wedding photographs. Larger hotels are conscious of this factor and always make certain that they employ specialized companies to maintain their grounds at the utmost standards. We at Gardencrafts can provide that service.

 Nursing / Residential Homes

The typical nursing home is often a large converted Victorian building or a large purpose built building with customarily large grounds. It is very important for the management of theses homes to provide their residents with a pleasant and peaceful environment. Many long term residents are held back with poor health and are unable to leave the residence very often. A cheery garden with beautiful flora can certainly lift otherwise dampened spirits. Spending time among nature is known to diminish health problems, and this makes it even more important to provide places as nursing homes with beautifully crafted and safe ground space. It should also have convenient wheelchair access so that everyone can make full use of the outdoor garden facilities. Peaceful seating areas, planters, bedding schemes, flowering shrubs, beautiful trees and well maintained lawns will all contribute to a pleasant living experience. Such beautifully designed and maintained gardens are appreciated by residents and their visiting families as well as the working staff. Knowing the breath of freshness our well maintained gardens can bring to the resident patients; Gardencrafts staff adds their heart and soul to the formula of maintaining the grounds.

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